Shopping in Jammu

Shopping in India is a very engaging and thrilling experience if you visit the right spots. And shopping is no longer restricted to an art which is solely mastered by the women folk. It has found its place and reverence among the men too, and if you are a visitor to Jammu, then there are certain things which you should not miss and one of them is shopping at the local markets in Jammu. The local markets and shops at Jammu, provide a wide range of options in terms of merchandise and specialties to choose from.

Being famous for dry fruits and hand woven shawls and handicrafts, one will be mesmerized by the intricate designs that Jammu offers in its platter of shopping. Going around in the markets in Jammu and shopping from the local lanes will be a heart warming experience on its own and will also allow you a chance to unfold the shopping extravaganza of the city of Jammu.

Local Market in Jammu
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Famous Shopping Areas of Jammu

Jammu can be regarded as a shopper’s dream come true destination. Aided with the right bargaining skills, one can get exquisite handicrafts and quality items at a very reasonable cost. These items will make stupendous souvenirs for your friends and family and some of the wooden and walnut wood handicrafts will be a rare collection for you to treasure for long. Some of the famous shopping areas in Jammu are Vir Marg, Raghunath Bazaar and Hari Market. The government arts emporium at Vir Marg offers supreme quality goods at a marginal and genuine cost.

Raghunath Bazaar

Situated right at the centre of the city is the famous market of Raghunath Bazaar, which derives its name due to its close proximity to the Raghunath Temple. This place is famous for providing an exotic range of handicrafts, handloom and dry fruits. The proximity to Residency road makes it conducive for the shoppers to have tasty and delicious food in the various restaurants and food joints that are strategically located in the Residency Road.

Gole Market

The other popular shopping place among the Shopaholics is Gole Market, which is situated at a  stone’s throw distance, across the Tawi River in the locality named Gandhi Nagar . This shopping hub is famous for the modern shopping delights which includes electronics, garments, footwear and other modern accessories.

Shopping in Jammu
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Popular Shops in Jammu

For Handicraft

  • Kashmir Government Arts Emporium
    Veer Marg, Jammu
    Telephone No.: 0191-2542946

  • Kashmir Government Arts Emporium
    Bahu plaza Shopping Complex
    Rail Head Jammu
    Telephone No.: 0191-2477693

For Handloom

  • Poshish - J&K Handloom Development Corporation Outlet
    Vir Marg, Residency, Jammu
    Telephone No.: 0191-2564012

It is also situated on Gole Market, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu Telephone No.: 0191 2433982

Shopping Malls and Complexes in Jammu

Jammu, is also witnessing the modernization in the form of upcoming malls and state of the art shopping complexes. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • City Square Mall has a large number of showrooms where one can buy branded items and also has an excellent food court.

  • Bahu Plaza is also a major corporate and shopping complex. The establishments here provide goods ranging in all price ranges. It is situated in Trikuta Nagar, Jammu city.
Specialties of Jammu
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Special Attractions in Jammu

Several items which are unique to Jammu and bear a testimony to the rich and glorious culture of Jammu are:

Handicrafts, Wood carvings, furniture, beautifully designed wooden boxes, hand woven carpets and shawls. A variety of shawls and an exquisite one named Pashmina shawls are available here and are globally renowned.  You can also, procure one of the below mentioned items which are specialties of the Jammu shopping arena.
  • Rugs
  • Attractive shawls
  • Papier Mache - elegant souvenirs  made of paper like wall hangings, table lamps, pen stand, fancy glasses and numerous other decorative items.
  • Walnut woodland items
  • Branded saris
  • Pherans
  • Saffron.
  • Beautiful traditional Handloom
  • Dry fruits - Specially Walnuts and delicacies made of Walnuts
  • Shawls  mixed with textiles such as cotton derivatives
  • Vases
  • Cricket bats
  • Local Jewellery

Tips for Shoppers in Jammu

  • Bargaining or negotiation will help you get your beloved item or merchandise at the cost that you feel is appropriate for the product. There are multiple shops which offer the same product, so you can do your research on the prices in different shops and then pay whatever is reasonable.

  • Quality of wood needs to be ensured before buying a piece of wooden handicraft as there may be similar looking showpieces with varying standards of the quality of wood due to which the prices may vary.
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