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Society in Jammu

Jammu has been a stronghold of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in terms of human development and welfare activities. There are many government, state run and non- governmental organizations who are striving hard to improve the condition of the society. The way the society looks depends on the various activities undertaken by these organizations and they ensure collective good by ensuring that all sections of the society are taken care of. Some of the welfare organizations include child welfare associations, old age homes, animal welfare groups, NGOs, women's welfare associations and others.

Society in Jammu

NGOs in Jammu

There are many nongovernmental organizations in Jammu which are responsible for the overall socioeconomic development of the city. They undertake various activities, including creating awareness amongst citizens about women safety procedures, child welfare methods etc. They also create self help groups and self employment opportunities for the economically weaker section of the society. The Jammu and Kashmir Humanity Foundation India, has successfully generated a lot of employment opportunities for women by creating employment opportunities and have provided them access to banks and other government services which has improved their economical conditions.

NGOs in Jammu

 The NGO named Mother India, located in the BSF complex of Jammu, also works towards the upliftment of women and economically challenged people. There are many other NGOs, which do a lot of progressive work and spread awareness regarding one’s health by dint of programmes like Aids prevention, Safe drinking water awareness etc.

Children Welfare Associations in Jammu

Children are the future of any nation or country. If they are taken care of, then the future of any nation will be secure and bright. Primary education for children and a safe environment for them to grow is of utmost importance. There are many social crimes that take place against children in today’s world, like child abuse, child labour and many others. The child welfare associations help the children to come out of the trauma in case they have been a victim of any such untoward incident and also protect them and provide them with a good life by educating them further.

Children Welfare Jammu

Orphanages like Shri Ved Mandir  Balika NIketan located in Ambphala, Jammu, ensure that none of the children are homeless and they have access to basic amenities like hygienic environment to stay, primary education, good food to eat etc.  Organizations like Peer Panchal Youth Development Society works towards ensuring that the education programmes are robust and that the youth get equal employment opportunities.

Old Age Homes in Jammu

These are also commonly known as retirement nursing homes now, where the senior citizens and the elderly people can get the much needed attention and care in order to lead a peaceful life. They are provided with the medical attention needed to lead a healthy life. One of the old age homes  is Vridh Ahram  in Ambphalla, Jammu, which ensures that the elderly people are taken care of and are provided with the much needed love and care.

Welfare Organizations in Jammu

Women Welfare Organizations in Jammu

Organizations like Women Era DEV Organization located in Pathnia Marketkathuajammu, Jammu, work day in and day out, to provide a safe and secure environment for the women. They also, do undertake a lot of programmes to empower women and to spread awareness and realisation across the society that women are very important part of the society and need to be treated equally and they should also have access to all facilities like bank service, health services, employment opportunities etc. Providing education and vocational trainings to women is all part of the programmes run by these organizations.

Women Welfare Organizations in Jammu

Some of the popular social welfare organizations are listed below:

  • Vridh Ahram (Old Age Home)
    Ambphalla, Jammu ,
    Phone Number : 0191-2573857

  • Bal Ashram
    Ved Mandir, Jammu ,
    Phone Number : 0191-2549607

  • Mother Teresa's Home,
    St. Mary's Church, National Highway 1-A, Jammu Cantt.

  • Radhasoami Satsang (Beas)
    Shaheedi Chowk, Vir Marg, Jammu

  • Prajapita Brahma Kumar Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya
    B.C. Road, Jammu

  • Yogoda Satsanga Society of India,
    Dhyana Kendra, Udhaywala,
    Phone Number : 0191-2501578

Therefore, all these organizations are making all the efforts possible to ensure that the society improves and flourishes in better conditions as they take care of all sections of the society.

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